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Bee Motion Accounting Ltd is a UK-based organisation that provides comprehensive financial care to clients across the country.

Founded in 2015 by Stefan Barrett, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, Bee Motion aims to simplify and streamline its clients' financial affairs. From accounting and financial advice to pensions, life insurance, investments, and mortgages, Bee Motion provides a one-stop-shop for all financial needs.

The company takes pride in its work ethic, which is inspired by the fast-moving direction of a labouring Bee. With over 450 satisfied clients, Bee Motion is committed to providing exceptional service to businesses and individuals alike.

Bee Motion’s Founder and Chief Brew Maker

*** Stefan Barrett ***

Stefan is an accomplished and passionate accountant and entrepreneur who founded

Bee Motion in April 2015. He brings inclusivity to the forefront of the company's values,

making sure that every client is catered to according to their unique needs. With his innate

ability to understand the commercial aspects of various trades and his drive for perfection,

he quickly established Bee Motion as a trusted partner for businesses seeking financial

guidance. Within six months, the company had grown significantly, prompting Stefan to

transition it into a Limited company, fuelling his excitement for further growth and expansion.


What sets Bee Motion apart from other accounting firms is Stefan's unique approach to

understanding the commercial aspects of all trades. This enables Bee Motion to offer

tailored services that are inclusive and specifically designed to meet the individual needs

of each client. The company's growing reputation for exceptional service and reliable

financial guidance has built a loyal client base that continues to trust Bee Motion to support

their financial endeavours. Stefan's commitment to perfection, attention to detail, and

passion for helping businesses succeed have helped Bee Motion become a highly respected

and sought-after accounting firm.

Stefan's experience with the Apprentice Academy has made him a strong advocate of their training regime. He actively recruits apprentices within Bee Motion with the goal of promoting growth and development for both the business and the apprentices. Stefan believes that as Bee Motion expands, apprentices should grow with the business and eventually fill senior positions. By nurturing and mentoring these apprentices, he also aims to ensure that the core culture and working ethos of the business are maintained and passed on to future leaders within Bee Motion.

This approach to talent development can help build a strong and sustainable talent pipeline for the firm, ensuring that it has the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in the long term.

Stefan likes to keep active and enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding and working towards his private pilots licence in his spare time.



Bee Motion’s Practice Manager

*** George Moss ***


George joined Bee Motion back in April 2017 and has since passed his Association of

Accounting Technicians (AAT) level 2 and level 3 with distinction. George has gained a wealth

of knowledge throughout his time here at Bee Motion by mastering core accounting activities

such as bookkeeping, payroll, VAT submissions and accounts preparation for sole traders,

partnerships and Limited Companies. 

By ensuring that our apprentices undergo the structured training at the apprenticeship a

it allows our apprentices to gain practical experience throughout their studies and build on their

work experience so that they are fully equipped when they commence to the next stages of their

professional examinations. George for example has been able to develop a multitude of skills

which he now utilises to support not only the team at Bee Motion but also to ensure that our

clients feel back in control of their financials.

George certainly knows how to have a good time, and can often be found at the centre
of any

dance floor.




Bee Motion’s Client Manager

*** Ben O'Riordan ***


Ben achieved 3 A levels at Newman College having studied Law, Business and

Psychology. Ben is looking forward to being part of the Bee Motion journey to

becoming a fully qualified Accountant.


In Bens spare time he is an avid clay pigeon shooter and a member of the Dolphin

Inn Shooting community. Ben is a car enthusiast and currently drives VW Micro Golf

with the ambition of one day owning a Mclaren P1.


He also enjoys strength training at the gym.



Bee Motion’s Client Manager

*** Anna Harding ***


"After enjoying work experience at Bee Motion in February, I was thrilled to have

received the opportunity to join the team and gain more experience after completing

my A-levels. At college I studied Accountancy, Sociology and Geography, which

gave me the initial interest into accountancy. Now I am extremely excited to start

this new journey into the real accountancy world and work closely with clients,

whilst gaining qualifications.


In my spare time, I am always watching sport in particular Football, F1 and Cricket.

I particularly enjoy Manchester United, especially when I can go to Old Trafford to

watch them play. However, when there is UK or international diving competitions,

I am usually watching from the pool side cheering on my brother proudly".



Bee Motion’s Client Manager

*** Cherilyn Waring ***


"I achieved 3 A levels at Ashton Sixth Form College: Mathematics, Business and Law.

I enjoy taking long scenic walks with my two dogs; Chunk and Pandora. A French bulldog

and a teacup chihuahua who I rescued a few years ago.

My main hobby is going to the gym where I set personal goals, this really helps my

motivation and self-drive.

I also love travelling to new places, I would love to travel to Southeast Asia, which would

be a dream for the future along with other parts of the world I haven’t yet seen.

I look forward to being part of the team and learning vast amounts throughout my journey

to becoming a qualified accountant with Bee Motion".

contact: cherilyn​



Bee Motion’s Trainee Acountant


*** Mackenzie Hague ***


“I studied Maths, Spanish and business studies whilst at college and I always knew a

career in numbers was for me and the pathway I wanted to pursue was in accounting.

Being offered the opportunity to be able to work and study at Bee Motion will allow me to

pursue this dream of mine to become a qualified accountant.


I love going to the gym and taking care of my mind and body as it keeps me focused and

allows me to better myself.

I have a massive obsession with football which has presented me opportunities to

be able to play all around Europe.


I also love creating memories and having fun days out with my little girl.



Bee Motion’s Mortgage Adviser

*** Neil Massam ***


Neil has over 30 years experience advising in financial services working predominantly

for the high street banks. He moved to Bee Motion Mortgages to benefit from the

opportunity to access the whole of the market which is something Neil is passionate

about as it gives his clients a high value quality service.


Outside of work Neil likes to spend time with his partner and four children. He enjoys

holidays, gardening, running and has a season ticket for Everton FC.

Bee Motion Mortgages is a trading style of Aspect Mortgages Limited



                     Bee Motion’s Independent Financial Adviser

                     *** Ben Marsland ***

Ben has a depth of experience in Financial Services having previously worked in

investments and funding for small companies, he’s now the trusted financial

adviser to many clients.


Ben’s passion lies with building relationships and helping people which allows him

to form close bonds with his clients. Before entering Financial Services,

Ben’s journey was a strange one, having studied Biology at Durham University he

then joined a start-up working in marketing and advertising before transitioning into

financial services in 2018.


As a father to 2 girls, Ben spends a lot of his spare time with his young family.

When he’s not trying to keep his daughters entertained, Ben is a keen sportsman

and is a player coach at his local rugby club.


Ben M.jpg

Bee Motion’s Head of Group Development

*** Callum Livingstone ***


Prior to joining the team Callum has been exposed to over 15 years’ experience within

the motor trade, dealing face-to-face with customers and the administrative side of the

business. He brings motivation, positivity, customer service and working well within a

team environment.

Callum says it’s great to be part of a fast growing company and hopes to have a valuable

impact on Bee Motion.

Callum likes to keep active in the gym, gaming and socialising with friends.

More importantly Callum is obsessed with his Whoop and is an avid member of the

Whoop Community. Callum is known to check his Whoop on an hourly basis to

ensure optimum efficiency.




Social Media & PR Management

*** Megan O'Malley ***


Throughout college Meg studied Media, Graphics and Law. Meg always knew that

whatever career path she would pursue, it would involve her passion for design

and social media.


Bee motion’s innovation to drive their digital presence has been the ideal ground for

Meg to put these principles into practice and a way to drive their social platforms

and thrive with the current trends.


In her spare time Meg loves to bake and Interestingly her passion for baking is not

far removed from her work and loves using her creativity skills to bring someone’s

imagination to life which is immensely rewarding. Both jobs require a creative flair

and a key eye for detail.

In her spare time, Megs main Hobby is training at the gym with an impressive hip

thrust PB of 200KG!. Setting herself challenges and personal goals to achieve,

she finds that it helps her stay motivated and self-driven. Alongside the gym Meg

also loves to hike and explore new scenery.




WhatsApp Image 2023-08-22 at 08.56.53 (002).jpg

Bee Motion's Productivity Superhero

*** Bradley Jones ***


Brad came on board for a one days work experience and he loved it that much, we

offered him a job on the spot.

Let me tell you about Brad, our part-time office wizard! He works a whopping

1-2 hours a week, but boy, does he make them count! With his magical

brew-making skills, we never have a dull coffee break. And shredding paper?

Brad turns it into an art form, like a majestic shredding maestro.

He's also the Receipt Sorting Champion, making Dext proud with his organisational


But his true superpower? Bantering! Brad's humour lifts the office atmosphere so

high that we're practically floating on laughter.

Who knew 1-2 hours could pack so much hilarity? Brad, our productivity superhero

in disguise!


Bee Motion’s Head of Client Experiences

*** BIG Ralph ***


Introducing the one and only BIG Ralph, Bee Motion's Head of Client Experiences. Ralph is the financial expert you never knew you needed! He's got a nose for sniffing out the best solutions and a bark that can scare away any taxman.


Ralph is ped-er-gree ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. His ideas are so barking mad, you'll wonder if he's been chewing on something he shouldn't have. But don't worry, he's got it all under control. He's so transparent, you'll be able to see straight through him (not that you would want to).


When he's not busy helping clients, Ralph loves to run in circles chasing his tail. He's the master of the art of distraction, but he always gets the job done in the end. And if you're lucky, he might even let you give him a belly rub!


So if you want to work with the financial genius that is BIG Ralph, come to Bee Motion and ask for him by name. Just make sure you bring plenty of treats - he can be a bit of a diva!


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