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Our Services

Our Services


We are a passionate technology-based Accountancy Practice that looks to the future when it comes to our client's business.

We have invested a great deal into software's to help streamline our clients processes ultimately giving the client more time to invest back into their business.

Become part of the Bee Motion family and let us help you every step of the way.

Financial Advisors

Based in Stockport, the business specialises in all areas of financial planning and offers a service that is bespoke to each individual or corporate client.

This may cover retirement planning, designing and managing individual investment portfolios, protecting family, dependants or business interests and estate planning.

Every Bee Motion client receives a complimentary review as part of our first class service.


Finding the best mortgages on the market sometimes isn’t quite as straightforward as people would like it to be.


With dozens of mortgage lenders and literally hundreds of different deals available, it can be difficult to know where to start.


Whether you’re a first time buyer, home mover, or looking to remortgage for a better rate, Bee Motion Mortgages aim to take the hassle out of finding and applying for a mortgage.

Bee Motion Mortgages is a trading style of Aspect Mortgages Limited






Financial Advisors



Investors have often bought investments without fully understanding what they are investing in. The result has all too often been the wrong investment, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason. As with all that we do, we believe in total transparency, education and honesty, so you will have the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions; if you don’t understand our recommendation – we will not implement it.



It is our belief that the success we achieve in helping clients to maximise their wealth, should ultimately reach those that our clients wish it to reach, this rarely if ever includes paying more to the government by way of Inheritance tax. Whilst maximising returns to provide our clients with the levels of income they require, to enjoy their lives to the full, we also work with them to ensure that we protect their assets and facilitate their transfer through the generations as efficiently as possible.



On any journey there may be many modes of transport or a variety of vehicles that can be used to reach the desired destination; successful investing is no different. Once we have worked closely with a client to understand what they are genuinely looking to achieve, what is their point of departure, their destination, and how much time is available for the journey.



Investment returns can be substantially reduced by income tax, capital gains tax, and corporation tax. Our practice is to use tax-efficient planning within our client’s investment portfolios. We can ensure that returns are enhanced.



Shares, Bonds and Gilts are the basic ‘building blocks’ of all diversified investment portfolios. We believe that the best way to gain exposure to investment markets is through such investments, both directly through the major world stock markets and indirectly through collective investments such as unit trusts and OEICS. As stockbrokers and financial planners, we can access all the major markets and believe our clients benefit directly from our greater depth of knowledge and experience.



We believe the success we achieve in helping clients maximise their wealth should enable them to retain their wealth, and transferring it in an efficient manner – ideally tax-free – to those they most wish to benefit. Whilst maximising returns to provide our clients with the levels of income they require to enjoy their lives to the full.

Financal Advisors


No hidden surprises

We offer mortgage advice and look for the most suitable lender, package the application, liaise with estate agents, lenders and conveyancers, all absolutely free. We will only charge when the client gets a mortgage offer which is £495.00.


If the client and ourselves go separate ways before the mortgage offer they do not pay anything.

Bee Motion Mortgages is a trading style of Aspect Mortgages Limited

Accountancy clients

We have an in-depth knowledge of our client base that are sole traders and company directors and how they go about getting a mortgage.


No need to worry with the question; ‘do you have your SA302, tax overview and financial statements?’


Our slick internal system ensures for a smooth transition supplying information from our accounting department to our mortgage sector so sit back, relax and let us do everything behind the scenes whilst we bring to you your decision in principle.


Review and Rate Switching Service

Virtually all mortgages begin with a promotional period and, if you do nothing, the deal then reverts to a higher variable interest rate. We offer a free tracking/review service and can deal directly with most lenders to keep you on their best available rate.

Services for Landlords

The Buy to Let mortgage market is now a complex area. We have specialist knowledge in this area and can help with purchases, remortgages, rate reviews whether you have 1 property or 100.  We arrange Buy to Let funding either for individuals or for Limited Companies and can advise on the merits of each, depending on your circumstances.

That little extra

What stands us out from everyone else is the personal service throughout your journey and we carry that on after the mortgage offer until the client gets the keys to their new home, this is when a lot of brokers have had their fee and don't want to know.


Every VAT registered client will automatically become a Sage user as part of our strategy. We have purchased a mass amount of Sage licences and receive an incredible discount, therefore we pass this onto our clients at cost.

As part of our strategy we specialise in just two software’s and ignore the rest of the market, by specialising in these two platforms it enables us to offer FREE training and advice around the clock.

Sales Invoices

You can create professional invoices from the Sage platform, chase debtors and send statements to your customers. At the same time we have access to your data when preparing your accounts.

Purchase Invoices

As stated above, we use Dext software as a tool to input purchase invoices onto the Sage platform.

Bank Function

We have a bank feed function that extracts your bank statements onto our platform which we then reconcile back to the receipts submitted. Again, providing less hassle to you as you dont need to send us your bank statements quarterly/annually.


We are a passionate technology-based practice that looks to the future when it comes to our client’s Interests.

We have invested a great deal into software’s to help streamline our clients processes ultimately giving the client more time to invest back into their business.


Dext is a mobile app used to manage the receipts, invoices, and other documents that businesses depends on to keep accurate, secure financial records.

After you have sent in a document, Dext's automated extraction engine will read all of the key information and display it in an easily manageable format, perfect for downloading or processing with a connected accounting software.

What's more, using this app also gives you a pdf backup of all of your purchase invoices so no need to keep loads of fiddly paper receipts any more.


As part of our vision we have decided to choose two core software’s; Dext and Sage, this sole integration helps us become experts in our field.


We give FREE ongoing advice and training to every client, Nathan our ‘tech guru’ is on hand to assist with any queries.

We give Dext to our clients FREE of charge as part of our push to move every client into the cloud.​​


Paperless - of course, we’re in the 21st century! 

Gone are the days of paper shuffling. We welcome artificial intelligence software's to assist with our day to day activities.


Every client that comes onboard has access
to their client portal, your financials are accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. Once you have perused over your financials on your phone, tablet, or computer you can use our e-signing service to approve your accounts.


If you have a mortgage with us, all your mortgage documents will be stored digitally
and can be referred back to anytime.


Independent Financial Advice

Have you taken out a pension, health Insurance, or income protection with us and require the paperwork, just access your client portal anytime.


Why email us asking for the information then wait for a reply, you have instant access to your documents.


Our Office


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Marble Surface

We are delighted to announce The Granite and Marble Shop

are making fantastic use of our advertising space on the busy road of Hall Street.

A specialist in Granite, Quartz, Dekton & Marble worktops serving customers across Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Bramhall and beyond There is nothing quite like the beauty of stone surfaces to add that extra quality to your kitchen, bathroom or indeed any other room of your house… and at The Granite & Marble Shop we offer an amazing array of colours and styles to suit all tastes. We specialise in Granite, Quartz and Marble from all over the world; from Brazilian to Indian stone, our yard of Granite is sure to have something you desire. If its Quartz that you’re after, we work with many reputable brands including: Silestone, Cambria, Ceaserstone, CRL and many more.

“We are proud to be a family run business”

Check out their website;

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Contact Us

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Bee Motion Accounting Limited
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